iTunes Scripts you probably need.

You use iTunes.
You don’t like how the music cuts to silence when you click to pause a track. You don’t like how un-musical that is.
There’s a ‘script’ to solve that (as long as you use a Mac – If you don’t use a Mac, you should :p). The script fades the music out slowly so you can imagine the musicians leaving on a slow train, the sweet melody tapering off elegantly, rather than feeling like they had been exterminated instantaneously mid-note.

It is also simple to use.  I call it Fade, but it’s real name is ‘db iTunes Fade-in/out’ and David Battino made it.

There a few more scripts which are really great.

In the picture you can see the ones I use. You can download them together here.

The scripts come with many ★kawaii☆ stars but if you don’t like the stars, you can spend a few minutes adjusting the file names. I can explain what each does:


Dim fades the music slowly to a quiet level.
Adapted by me from ‘db iTunes Fade-in/out’ by David Battino



Fade fades out the music slowly and pauses the track for you. You can use it again to fade the music back in.
Adapted by me from ‘db iTunes Fade-in/out’ by David Battino


Artist Mediafire Download

This searches Mediafire for any uploads of the artist of the song you have selected.
Adapted by me from ‘Find Album Artwork With Google’ by Brett O’Connor


Track Parsers (Clipboard, Song Names)

Track 01 by Unknown Artist
Track 02 by Unknown Artist
Track 03 by Unknown Artist

Look familiar?

These powerful scripts can take a track listing you copy from Wikipedia or Amazon and name your nameless songs for you.
Have a read of the Readme file to get going.

‘Track Parser 1.3’ by Dan Vanderkam


Search Google Images

This super script will do a Google Image Search on whatever song you have selected, so that you can get your library looking good with album artwork.

I take pride in artwork for all of my month of music but it takes effort, I find setting up a smart playlist that shows music added in the last 2 weeks is great for showing up the music without artwork.

‘Find Album Artwork With Google’ by Brett O’Connor

You can find more Mac iTunes scripts at Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes website.

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