Slack Profile Field Migration Script

If you have occasion to copy/migrate values from one profile field to another in Slack, here’s a script to do just that.

Slack has had the same built-in profile fields for quite a while now, including Title, Phone, Real Name & Display Name, but in June 2021 (?!) Slack has got around to adding a built-in field for Pronouns. This means that a person’s pronouns can show up as prominently as a user’s job title, which has come to be approximately the standard nowadays online.
Most workspaces that would be interested in this field have had a custom field for pronouns for years now, however the new field has unfortunately not come with a mechanism to migrate the old field over. Therefore, I put together a bash script to automate the migration of Slack profile fields for one or all users of a workspace, be it the new pronouns field, or any others besides. Here’s a download link to the script from GitHub, or see the gist below.

Note: If you are migrating your old pronouns field to the new one, make sure the new field is enabled first in your admin.

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